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Please note that I am not running the retreat this year,
but am available for private therapy and coaching, as well as for UK and international training.

Training and Education for Health Care Professionals, Volunteers and Managers

Introduction to Loss & Bereavement (Death, End of Life Preparation, Loss of Physical and Mental Ability)

Introduction to Loss & Bereavement1) A one or two day training course for care professionals and volunteers working with people experiencing loss and helping to guide service users through the bereavement process.

2) A one day training course to support those who have suffered loss and bereavement in their own lives.

The course gives all relevant background information including definitions, theory, approaches, symptom recognition and treatment options. It will address safeguarding, legal framework, Human Rights aspects and UK best practise guidelines.

Emphasis is given to empowering staff to embrace their own ability and empathy, to deal with awkward and distressing situations adequately and to increase their awareness, assessment skills and communication ability in emotional and potentially stressful situations. Staff resilience is key for happy and productive staff members.

The course has run successfully for two years through Cornwall Council supporting statutory and voluntary organisations and their staff.

The course is flexible and able to incorporate managerial CPD requirements in supporting staff who are dealing with loss and bereavement. It addresses supervision, communication, systemic structure and support options to enhance staff capability and stress management.

The course can be designed to work with service users who are experiencing loss and bereavement. The course will address stress and fear, symptoms and support options and give knowledge, understanding and ability to monitor and manage symptoms better.

The course comes with a 30 page handbook.

The two day course incorporates case studies, processing group and enhancing the ‘practical toolbox’. It is an excellent course for organisational development.


One day course: £75.00 per person
Two day course: £130.00 per person

Concessions for low earners and groups over 8.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All training is available in German, English and Swedish lecture form.

Feedback from participants

  1. I would love to get more of this. Is there and opportunity to have follow ups?
  2. Clear, engaging, empowering
  3. Excellent facilitation of being human
  4. Very informative day, thorough and thought provoking
  5. I wish all training was like this
  6. Most useful and stimulating

Creative Communication for Care Practitioners

Training for Life's JourneyA One Day Course covering:

  • ADHD
  • Mental health
  • Challenging behaviour

The day offers a practical insight into:

  • Visual processing
  • Creative expression
  • Effective communication
  • Emotion management
  • Memory and concentration building for clients

The programme is designed to build on existing expertise while enhancing creative management tools for the participating case workers and carers.

“Hands on, practical, effective!” I.P, Headteacher

“I was a revelation to my practice!” M.B, Special Educational Needs Officer

“Successfully Implemented, great day” F.H, Teaching Assistant

“The methods introduced have been successfully implemented with educational authorities and youth offending teams on a national and international level.”

Details and Booking

Please contact us on email or mobile 0782 1122991 for more details and a booking form.

Creativity and Communication

Therapeutic CommunicationA Three Day Course:

  • DAY 1 – Effective Creativity and Communication
  • DAY 2 – Therapeutic Creativity and Emotion Management
  • DAY 3 – Effective Communication & Creativity in Conflict

Three training days comprising hands-on and interactive experiences backed up with theory, aimed at professionals working in health, care, educational and custodial settings.

The course will provide participants with the knowledge and confidence to use their personality and individualised therapeutic methods to increase their confidence and ability when working with vulnerable and challenging individuals.
Building on professional expertise, it will improve personal resilience to stressful work conditions, thereby maximising effectiveness and job satisfaction.

The days are designed to incorporate past work experiences of the participants and will tailor learning outcomes to the group’s training needs in an inspiring way!

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss individual cases and personal training needs including how to prepare and monitor their CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Participation of all three days is encouraged, although each day can be booked as a separate unit to best meet your needs.

No previous knowledge is necessary.

Creativity for Managers and Team Leaders

A training day combining the newest management and leadership methods with productive creative techniques.

Effective ways of person centred supervision and team management.

Team assessment/creative team building.

Change management.

Team conflict and dealing with difficult staff/grievance and stress.

Personal management skills in creative thinking/resource management.

In-house training available.


Small groups (up to 4 professionals)
1 Day £450.00
2 Days £700.00
3 Days £920.00
Medium-sized groups (5 – 20 professionals)
1 Day £850.00
2 Days £1400.00
3 Days £1900.00

For information on ongoing supervision and individualised training please contact us.

I also offer therapy and counselling for stress, depression, anxiety and burn-out in the South West (including Cornwall and Plymouth) and London. Please see my Support and Therapy page for more information.

Client Feedback 1
\"It is good to find a skilled specialist who is able and willing to work flexibly, with due professionalism and a willingness to work \'outside the box\'. Refreshing also to work in such close collaboration and without the professional protectionism found so frequently in other organisations.\" B.M.
Client Feedback 2
\"I would describe Imke as firm, challenging and at times directing, she is understanding but doesn\'t allow wallowing in self-pity -there is no hiding place available!\"
Client Feedback 3
\"I\'ve dealt with a lot of very early issues that were inaccessible to me using the usual talking therapies. The ability to use creative ways of working has enabled me to express myself in a way that I haven\'t been able to do before. Our work has helped me personally and professionally, has impacted upon my relationships with my partner and my children.\"
Client Feedback 4
\"Very helpful and, at times, incredibly challenging. Due to having longer sessions it helped me to go deeper and stay with the issues I was dealing with.\"
Client Feedback 5
We came to Imke for a 6 day retreat with our marriage at the brink of collapse and my depression destroying my ability to work effectively as a manager in London.

I have never worked so hard in my life. Imke helped us to express and discuss the \'unspeakable\'. She helped me to face my inner wars and to manage my demons. Most of all we left with a way forward, with love and hope and what se
\"Imke puts every effort into getting to the root cause of your issues, coming at you from angles that you were least expecting. Don\'t arrive and expect to be pandered to - yes, you will have a sympathetic listening ear but after that you will need to be ready to change your ingrained habits, attitude and beliefs about yourself.\"