Depression, stress, anxiety, burn-out? Don't know how to move forward?
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Please note that I am not running the retreat this year,
but am available for private therapy and coaching, as well as for UK and international training.

Coaching and Mentoring

For Professionals and Businesses

Saints Way SignpostsIf stress, demands, responsibilities and high efficiency drive you in your day-to-day life then you are likely to feel exhausted, undervalued, overwhelmed and demotivated from time to time, or perhaps increasingly often.

BURN OUT is not an illness, but a forceful and healthy reminder to STOP, gain some SPACE and allow yourself to TAKE STOCK of what is the best way to live and work and to juggle all your responsibilities.

Feeling stuck, demotivated, unhappy, flat, uninterested or sluggish are common symptoms of burn out. These are often paired with restlessness and sleeplessness, impatience, lost sex drive, low appetite or waves of cravings, head and back aches and a general loss of vision and day-to-day enjoyment of your life.

Stress and anxiety relating to BURN OUT are fast becoming one of the most destructive forces for professionals and businesses with its effects being responsible for over 60% of absenteeism and loss of productivity. This has been confirmed by a number of reports and research studies.

This coaching program for professional development is tailored around professional needs. My therapeutic and creative management expertise enables you to enhance your behaviour, motivation, focus and job satisfaction.

Program Outcomes

  • Communication and people skills.Inspiring Flora
  • Better mental structures and positive thinking.
  • Self assessment and esteem, motivation, focus and vision projection.
  • Empowerment, including assertiveness, flexibility, negotiation and individual goal setting.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • More energy and better task focus.

The program is based on a variety of methods including Management and Leadership training programs, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Awareness, Gestalt Therapy and the Alexander Technique elements.


The 1½ hour sessions comprise of personal coaching, practical activities, theoretical information and self-directed development activities.

Prior to the first meeting a self assessment/managers assessment questionnaire is completed. It includes data about personality aspects, job requirements, and a development needs proposal.

  • 1st Session: Feedback on questionnaires and assessments, formal Training Needs analysis and coaching (confidential). Outcomes are presented to the management together with an appropriate session proposal.
  • 2nd Session: Agreement on Training Needs and Action Plan for Continuous Professional Development (CPD), implementation of tailored activities on key areas of the development plan. Coaching (confidential).
  • Follow-on sessions: Mentoring of implementation of the CPD and focusing on particular issues within the workplace. Mentoring and coaching session (confidential).

Follow up

Depending on the coachee’s needs and development the programme is designed to implement the agreed learning outcomes within 3 sessions. Additional services and sessions are arranged in agreement between the funding organisation and the coachee.

An agreed evaluation and program report will be issued at the end of the sessions. Responsibility to discuss remaining issues and further CPD lies with the funding organisation/in-house supervisor and the coachee(s).

Organisational Requirements

Peaceful Woodland StreamThe professional coaching sessions identify the roots of unwanted symptoms and behaviours which can restrict team members in developing their full potential in the workplace and in their private lives. It reveals personal conflicts at a deep level and helps the client deal with them consciously in order to achieve a more balanced and confident personality.

The programme allows the client to gain a realistic sense of acceptance and control over their emotions and behaviour and to adopt enjoyable and effective ways in which to communicate and achieve his or her full potential.

To assess your business health measures, and the costs incurred by health issues in your workforce, visit Health Work Wellbeing, a Government-led initiative to protect and improve the health and well-being of working age people. In particular, try out their Workplace Wellbeing Tool for evaluating the costs of ill-health and the benefits of wellness programs. Businesses can support their workforce by implementing professional coaching sessions and personal therapy access for their employees.


Team members/general staff:
One coachee for a block of 3 sessions £360.00
Block of 6 sessions £620.00
Medium and senior management:
One coachee block of 3 sessions £450.00
Block of 6 sessions £750.00
Private coaching sessions 20% reduction
Private for low income earner 35% reduction

Group sessions/team development and longer-term engagements can be negotiated separately.

Prices are exclusive of expenses. We are VAT exempt.

Self-study literature is not included (cost: £30.00).

If you would like to discuss this or other projects in more detail with me please contact me for a free assessment.

Locations: Cornwall (including the Retreat Centre in Lostwithiel), Plymouth and London.

I also offer counselling and therapy on a personal basis for people struggling with depression. Please visit my Support and Therapy page for more information.

Client Feedback 1
\"It is good to find a skilled specialist who is able and willing to work flexibly, with due professionalism and a willingness to work \'outside the box\'. Refreshing also to work in such close collaboration and without the professional protectionism found so frequently in other organisations.\" B.M.
Client Feedback 2
\"I would describe Imke as firm, challenging and at times directing, she is understanding but doesn\'t allow wallowing in self-pity -there is no hiding place available!\"
Client Feedback 3
\"I\'ve dealt with a lot of very early issues that were inaccessible to me using the usual talking therapies. The ability to use creative ways of working has enabled me to express myself in a way that I haven\'t been able to do before. Our work has helped me personally and professionally, has impacted upon my relationships with my partner and my children.\"
Client Feedback 4
\"Very helpful and, at times, incredibly challenging. Due to having longer sessions it helped me to go deeper and stay with the issues I was dealing with.\"
Client Feedback 5
We came to Imke for a 6 day retreat with our marriage at the brink of collapse and my depression destroying my ability to work effectively as a manager in London.

I have never worked so hard in my life. Imke helped us to express and discuss the \'unspeakable\'. She helped me to face my inner wars and to manage my demons. Most of all we left with a way forward, with love and hope and what se
\"Imke puts every effort into getting to the root cause of your issues, coming at you from angles that you were least expecting. Don\'t arrive and expect to be pandered to - yes, you will have a sympathetic listening ear but after that you will need to be ready to change your ingrained habits, attitude and beliefs about yourself.\"