Depression, stress, anxiety, burn-out? Don't know how to move forward?
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Please note that I am not running the retreat this year,
but am available for private therapy and coaching, as well as for UK and international training.

About Imke Wood

The vision

Imke Wood Stress and Depression Therapy and Training, Plymouth, Stroud, London & CornwallWe are born with the ability to overcome adversity and obstacles of any magnitude and to develop the strength to be happy, engaged and fulfilled – wherever we come from, whatever we are facing.

This vision has driven me to offer personalised services and support options ranging from home visits in Cornwall and Plymouth to training sessions in London and my Retreat Centre in Lostwithiel, Cornwall. It has also given birth to my charity work with Creative Expression, a charity working with the most vulnerable in society and their carers. I specialise in helping people to overcome depression, stress, anxiety and burn-out.

Qualifications and Experience

I am an HCPC, BACP Art Psychotherapist and BAAT Supervisor, with an MSc in Educational Science and Remedial Pedagogy, BA in Drama, Dip in ILM Leadership and Management and with experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Open Space Facilitating.

My background is as a performer and actress on the German and international stage. I have used my drama training to understand the link between body and emotion, body language and non-verbal communication which has informed and enriched my psychotherapeutic practise over the years.

Having managed the arts psychotherapeutic training and support charity Creative Expression for 8 years, I am currently the Clinical and Therapy Lead and Consultant for BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) at the Plymouth Youth Enquiry Service, alongside supporting Plymouth University with several research projects.

What do I practise?

I provide dedicated services to people who want to find their strength, make their right decisions, move on and create their life.

Abstract Art Psychotherapy PieceIn contrast to my work at the Youth Enquiry Service, I concentrate on brief interventions for people. Most people don’t need ongoing, lengthy, costly and ‘in-depth’ analysis but only want the brief support they need to ‘get over’ and ‘get on’ with their lives. I thoroughly believe in brief and effective support like this.

Open and inspirational contact including creativity taps into our human blueprint, brings out our vision and focus and ability to change. Guidance through Art Psychotherapy is an incredibly powerful method to engage with that blueprint fast and sustainably.

Our blueprint, namely our innermost core, is always on the search for balancing, enabling and creating the most whole and satisfying way of being for ourselves. When we tap into our core resources and knowledge we will feel tangible, real changes in our outlook, energy, professional and private ability and strength. Knowing and enhancing this strength will lead to enjoyable self-development and success.

I have concentrated my training and work over the years around methods that stimulate individuals to open up to new positive behaviour-changing emotions, enhance awareness and support self-esteem and confidence within a safe and tolerant environment.

My work engages people with communication and emotional problems with others, teaching stress management, conflict resolution, assertiveness and communication. Their new awareness and skills will increase their ability to interact effectively within private and professional settings.

I coach both groups and individuals, do training, supervision and counselling, and have been working in training and facilitation for 20 years.

Client Feedback 1
\"It is good to find a skilled specialist who is able and willing to work flexibly, with due professionalism and a willingness to work \'outside the box\'. Refreshing also to work in such close collaboration and without the professional protectionism found so frequently in other organisations.\" B.M.
Client Feedback 2
\"I would describe Imke as firm, challenging and at times directing, she is understanding but doesn\'t allow wallowing in self-pity -there is no hiding place available!\"
Client Feedback 3
\"I\'ve dealt with a lot of very early issues that were inaccessible to me using the usual talking therapies. The ability to use creative ways of working has enabled me to express myself in a way that I haven\'t been able to do before. Our work has helped me personally and professionally, has impacted upon my relationships with my partner and my children.\"
Client Feedback 4
\"Very helpful and, at times, incredibly challenging. Due to having longer sessions it helped me to go deeper and stay with the issues I was dealing with.\"
Client Feedback 5
We came to Imke for a 6 day retreat with our marriage at the brink of collapse and my depression destroying my ability to work effectively as a manager in London.

I have never worked so hard in my life. Imke helped us to express and discuss the \'unspeakable\'. She helped me to face my inner wars and to manage my demons. Most of all we left with a way forward, with love and hope and what se
\"Imke puts every effort into getting to the root cause of your issues, coming at you from angles that you were least expecting. Don\'t arrive and expect to be pandered to - yes, you will have a sympathetic listening ear but after that you will need to be ready to change your ingrained habits, attitude and beliefs about yourself.\"